Video Closed Captions and subtitling service

With the development of digitalization, video captions become important as more and more people are willing to watch movies online. Currently, most people just download movies from torrent sites without caring about quality.

We think that all people should be able to enjoy high-quality content in their own language regardless of geographic location or income level. We provide our closed captioning service because we see the need for it in this globalized world where everyone can enjoy films on a media player right at home. Other online streaming websites use subtitles as a work around but those don’t have access to latest films as they have been already released in movie theaters worldwide. Meanwhile, our closed captioning has been widely available on numerous video sharing websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom and Instagram. We are proud to provide this service for the millions of people around the world who have visual impairments due to a number of conditions. Our closed captioning services comply with legislation put forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

While most movies do not offer subtitles, or they are released later on DVD, or their subtitles do not accurately represent what is being said in the film, we bring accessibility back into play. With our subtitling services, you can now enjoy watching popular films right at home no matter where you live! We allow anyone to share videos with others even if they don’t speak the same language.

Closed Captions Definition?

What is a closed caption? A closed caption is text of the dialogue in a television program or film, which can be displayed on the screen. It is usually located above or next to the video image on your TV set, but this may vary depending on what country you are in and whether you have cable, satellite or over-the-air reception.

A closed caption appears when there is no sound present due to circumstances such as an error with the broadcasting equipment. They may also be used for DVD subtitles and foreign language dubbing. You can choose to display captions if you want them to appear without turning them off entirely.

Note: Closed captions do not typically include information about background noises and sound effects unless they are part of the actual dialogue.

Closed Captions for YouTube

You’re a Youtuber, you want to provide captions for your videos in order to bring more viewers from different linguistic backgrounds or just have subtitles in another language.

Some of the problems are that it’s hard to find captioners, if you do they often make mistake and don’t follow your style guidelines.

All you need is an audio file with the original track, which is later converted into human readable timecodes line by line on of your video. The lines are then matched to time points in your video, which is used to overlay the captions on top of it.

Speech Of Text got hundreds of captioners ready for work at any time, they speak all languages and follow your style guidelines or even write original content if needed.